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More About Edge Media
Edge Media Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a media firm that focuses on visual storytelling. They have collaborated with many other companies like L'Oreal, Microsoft, and AIA. 
How was I Involved?
Video Editor
2017 - 2018
• Video Editing and Filming
• Some light Graphics Design and Website Building
Videos Produced for
More About DBS Bank
DBS Bank is a multinational banking corporation with its headquarters in Singapore. They are present in many markets including Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, and Indonesia.
What is DigiFY?
DigiFY is an internal company-wide initiative with the vision to train and prepare employees of DBS for digital transformation. The initiative involves 7 individual, special "pillars" related to aspects of the digitally savvy: From an Agile way of working to compliance and big data handling, empowers employees to create new digital solutions that improve the experience of every DBS customer. 
DigiFY Video Sample

© Edge Media, DBS, 2017, DigiFY Launch n' Learn

What is UNI.CORN?
UNI.CORN is a Tech-driven University Programme by DBS. It spans a timeline of 12 weeks, granting students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a tech-savvy environment and create innovative business solutions. They will spend time working on projects with mentors from DBS and other teammates. At the end of the program, they will  'graduate' by presenting these business solutions to a panel of Singapore's tech leaders.
UNI.CORN Video Sample

© Edge Media, DBS, 2017, UNI.CORN Demo Day 2017

What is Imaginarium?
DBS' Imaginariums are a talk series with the purpose of encouraging innovation for DBS Staff. The series invites various professionals from the tech field to share ideas and solutions.
Imaginarium Excerpt

© Edge Media, DBS, 2017, Imaginarium

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