What is Deliver.sg?
Deliver.sg is an Islandwide Delivery Food Service. The brand was established with the vision to empower restaurants to reach out to their customers outside the boundaries of their walls. With benefiting restaurants as the focus, they also bring marketing packages. These packages allow F&B businesses to enjoy lower delivery commission rates and increase their sales through marketing strategies and tools provided by Maxima Creatives.
Today, Deliver.sg has over 6,000 unique users of the service with over 150 restaurants onboard the platform and counting.
How was I Involved?
"OG Memelord" AKA Creative Lead
Work closely with Deliver.sg's Business Owner on...
• Creative Direction and Production of videos.
• Conceptualizing brand Voicing and Tone for Social Media Identity and Concept.
• Copywriting for Social Media Posts, EDMs, Press Kits, Press Releases, Business Plans and Mobile Phone Push Notifications.
Parent Company
More About Maxima Creatives
Maxima Creatives Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is an Food and Beverages (F&B) marketing and branding consultancy with the mission to bring budding and familiar F&B businesses to greater heights.
Deliver.sg Video Trailer

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Deliver.sg Video Sample

© Maxima Creatives, Deliver.sg 2020

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